Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Stress Anxiety Depression


Stress, Anxiety & Depression Counselling in Charlton and Blackheath


Do you feel like the colour is draining from your life?


Stress, Anxiety and Depression often go hand in hand and can feel like all joy and happiness is slowly seeping away.


Prolonged stress will often cause anxiety although ongoing anxiety will also cause stress, both can trigger depression if left untreated as well as other issues like insomnia. What the original cause it can be much more obscure, but commonly involves repressed anger from a previous trauma.


Counselling can be a very powerful tool in discovering the root causes of many short and long-term issues and empower you to make permanent life-enhancing changes. This deeper inner work can take some time and requires ongoing commitment to attend regular sessions for a longer period of time.


If you don’t feel quite ready to fully address the underlying issues right now, counselling can still be a very valuable tool to take the pressure off your current situation with a shorter commitment to sessions. This can also give you an insight into what longer-term work may look like.
Constanze will usually recommend a minimum of 6 sessions following the assessment to see in which direction the work is headed.


Sessions are offered by Constanze in Charlton and Blackheath in the Greenwich area.