Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse



Just like elephants, we humans have very good memory, indeed every experience we’ve ever had, good and bad, is stored somewhere, although we can’t always choose what we remember consciously.


Some events in life are so traumatic that they are temporarily repressed and we cannot access them until they re-emerge of their own accord. This can in itself be a traumatic experience and can often be triggered by a new traumatic experience which leaves the person having to battle both simultaneously.


For survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, this can be a common occurrence and each newly recovered memory has to be integrated individually. It is vital at this point to seek help from a professional therapist in order to make sense of what has happened and safely contain the emotional fallout. Counselling can be an invaluable tool in achieving the best possible recovery after such a significant life challenge.


This can be a lengthy process and is not always conducted in one go. In counselling, we use the therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client as a foundation for exploring, processing and healing the more challenging experiences in life.Child Sexual Abuse can seem impossible to tackle because of its profound impact on a child’s understanding of itself and the world around it.


However, with some persistence and willingness to go through the motions of recovery, even the most horrific instances can be effectively addressed and profound healing can occur a bit at a time. Many clients may choose to counsel alongside other complementary treatments as part of a holistic approach. Part of what has often been damaged in a client is trust in their own judgement and it is therefore vital to follow the clients lead in how they would like to conduct their own healing process.


Symptoms of Childhood Sexual Abuse include Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, PTSD, Self-harm, Suicidality, Relationship issues, Sexual issues, lack of Self-care, Insomnia, Eating Disorders and OCD.


Constanze has chosen to specialise in this area as she has come to realise how many people have been touched and altered by this childhood experience and has witnessed time and again how much clients can benefit from allowing it to come to the surface of their own consciousness and releasing the repressed emotions as well as understanding what happened with an adult perspective.


As with all issues presented by a client, Constanze is careful and gentle in her approach as well as courageously supportive in order to empower the client to take back control over their life and re-discover the joy in being alive.