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About- Othala Counselling

Constanze is an Integrative Counsellor with several years post qualification experience. Her training is in Psychodynamic as well as Person-centred Theory with a focus on the Humanistic approach to counselling.

In her training, Constanze has worked through many of her own issues including a relationship breakdown and the death of a close family member and the associated depression and anxiety. This has dramatically increased her capacity for empathy and compassion for her clients when they have to cope with traumatic experiences themselves.

During the following years, Constanze gained valuable experience whilst volunteering at a Carer’s Centre and an organisation for Perinatal Depression, where she helped clients address important issues around loss, isolation and high levels of stress, some of which could be traced all the way back to childhood. Her approach when working with major life issues like this is to follow the clients lead in how much they are ready to explore their deeper layers and how much they just need to be held at that moment.

As a Private Counsellor, Constanze has worked with a range of issues including agoraphobia, clinical depression, panic attacks, PTSD, insomnia, marriage breakdown, suicidality, childhood abuse and redundancy.

Constanze is dedicated to showing integrity and congruence in all her work and committed to ongoing training and supervision. As a BACP registered member she also pledges to be guided by their Code of Ethics.

Previous clients have ranged in age from young adult to OAP and have come from a variety of backgrounds and Constanze prides herself in her forever increasing ability to approach every human being with a non-judgemental attitude and Unconditional Positive Regard, which enables her continuous development of even further skills in supporting her clients during times of crisis as well as times of self-searching for understanding and answers.

Inner work can be very daunting and temporarily even make things seem worse, but her own experience of facing up to the ‘real stuff’ and her experience of working with her broad range of clients have taught Constanze how much each and every person can benefit from it.

Constanze is a Registered Member of the BACP and is fully insured and pursues ongoing training in the areas of child sexual abuse and the potential lifelong repercussions and offers her services in Charlton and Blackheath in the Greenwich area of Southeast London.