Othala Counselling


Offering a gentle yet effective approach to issues like Depression, Anxiety, Loss and Trauma


Othala- Tree by water


Are you struggling with Anxiety or Depression? Do you suffer from Insomnia or OCD? Have you had a Relationship breakdown or a Bereavement?


Counselling can help address all of the above and more. I am a very empathic and compassionate counsellor with a strong sense of integrity and well developed moral compass that enables me to work ethically, always with my clients best interest at heart.


My initial focus is on building a solid foundation of trust with my client that enables us to address even the deeper issues and traumatic experiences where necessary. Counselling is a process and I like to bring all of my skills and experiences which include working with a broad range of clients from various walks of life, cultural backgrounds, age groups and special needs.


Counselling can be a daunting experience at first, but very rewarding if you feel ready to take on the challenge and are serious about wanting to transform your life.


I am available for one-to-one sessions in Greenwich and Blackheath.